Fully Mobile IV Drip Service

The first fully mobile Vitamin IV Drip service available in the Ballarat region, bringing the vitamin drip to your home or workplace, for your convenience.

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IV Vitamin Infusions tailored to your Wellbeing

At IV Infused we believe that Health and Wellness is more than just staying fit and eating healthy, it encompasses a complex balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body can function at its best. We aim to deliver a unique balance of vitamins and nutrients to assist in improving your overall health and wellness and giving you a boost of vitality.

Coupling state-of-the-art intravenous vitamin and nutrient therapies with compassionate and personalised care, Iv Infused offers a novel, effective and safe means of improving the health and wellness of all our clients.

Our treatment is designed to fit the unique requirements of your body. Our IV drip treatment can give you a healthy dose of the nutrients our body needs to carry you through your week with energy and positivity.

Designed as a preventative treatment to promote great health and boost energy levels, our IV drips can assist with vitamin or nutrient deficiencies you may have. We offer personalised care, formulating a balance of vitamins that helps to work towards meeting your requirements. Our micronutrient testing is also useful tool in helping you identify any deficiencies you may have to help aid in an even more tailored individualised service.

Are you ready to enhance your health from the inside out and supply your body with an immediate boost of essential nutrients? Whether you’re hoping to enhance energy levels, reduce brain fog and fatigue or improve skin laxity, we’re the experts in administering IV therapy.

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Hayley Richards

Hi, I’m Hayley the founder of IV Infused. I am a Registered Nurse with over 18 years nursing experience with the previous 8 years working in Acute Medical/Surgical hospital setting. 

What a fantastic service that comes to you! Hayley was lovely, very professional, and knowledgeable. I felt like I needed a boost post Christmas and have felt much more energetic after my infusion. I am very satisfied and glad that I found Hayley’s services. Thank you!


I found this service at just the right time, as I was completely run down and depleted with a virus. I didn’t have to go anywhere except the comfort of my own home. It was an absolute pleasure chatting and so grateful for this service. It’s been 2 days post IV infusion and my health has picked up quite a bit. So I’m over the moon. Thank you for the service provided and the friendly yet absolute professional procedure. I would recommend to anyone. Amazing.

Kylie Joyce

Customised Drip Packages

What is IV Drip Therapy?


Customised IV Drips starting from $179

With no two treatments alike, we’ll work with you to discuss and explore all options before prescribing your individual treatment, and won’t rush to administer treatment without careful consideration.

  • Custom Drips
  • Packages
  • Fully mobile service
  • All package drips have the options of add on vitamins
  • IM and SC injectables
  • Micronutrient Testing service
  • Registered Nurse

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